The Ultimate Bootcamp to Grow Your Business and Close More Deals

Discover the secrets to doubling your sales volume in just 8 weeks, even in challenging markets. Conquer the spring market with proven systems and strategies from two of Toronto’s top real estate agents: Tom Storey and Emma Pace.


Here's What You're Getting

This 8-week bootcamp is your guide to success in real estate. Emma and Tom will cover the exact strategies that their teams have used in the Spring Market for the past 9 years.

  • This is NOT a pre-recorded course. 
  • This is NOT something that you'll need to "complete at your own pace." 
  • This is live.
  • Every Monday at 1:00 pm EST for 8 weeks.
  • Starting February 12, 2024.

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BAM Bootcamp with The Agent Confidential

8-Weeks of Live Sessions to Double Your Sales Volume

$1997 USD

This is not a silver bullet. We don’t have a magic pill.

This bootcamp shares the exact strategies and techniques that have allowed us to build seven-figure real estate businesses. Master how to generate leads and follow-up, close the deal at consultations and appointments, and earn referrals all year long.

✅ 8 weeks, 16 hours of live, interactive training

✅ Techniques and strategies designed to increase your sales volume in just 56 days

✅ Weekly assignments to hold you accountable and keep you on track

✅ Money-back guarantee

8 Weeks of Strategies and Live Trainings

WEEK 1: Intro Expectations & Bonuses

WEEK 2: CRM Best Practices & Automations You Can Use In Your Business

WEEK 3: Organic Lead Generation & Follow Up

WEEK 4: Buyer consultations

WEEK 5: Listing Presentations

WEEK 6: Guest Speaker

WEEK 7: Leveraging AI for Real Estate
WEEK 8: Getting Referrals All Year Long

All that PLUS...

This isn’t a passive course or training where you sit back and watch. We hold you accountable and work with you to ensure you start seeing results before the 56 days are over. We do this every week by sharing:

  • Hands-on exercises to complete weekly
  • Tools to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Templates to tailor and use for your business

For just $1997!
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Agent Testimonials

This course is a MUST for every Realtor!
— Jackie G.

Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident that you'll find value in this Bootcamp that we have two opportunities for you to get your money back IN FULL if you don't!

Money Back Guarantee #1

  • If you come to the first lesson and don't see the value in continuing, we'll happily refund your cost of admission.

Money Back Guarantee #2

  • If you don't have at least 1 new signed client at the end of the 8 weeks, we'll give you your money back AND a free 30-minute personal coaching call with one of us.

****You must be LIVE for the duration of the training every single week. Our administrators will be taking attendance at the end of each call, AND you must complete each week's homework in full with proof to take advantage of this offer.